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3D Architecture  - Architecture 3D Models - Buildings Ruins Construction Landmarks towers Bridges City Scenes entire Cities Urban and Suburban elements LAX Encounter Bar and grill restaurant Los Angeles international Airport Icon The White House Washington DC New York Buildings World Trade Centre WTC St Basils basilica kremlin Arab War zone towns and shanty environments afghan military area vatican rome trans america pyramid san francisco Big Ben Statue of Liberty Oil Rig Oil Drilling platform Hiroshima Nuclear facility power station science fiction Sci Fi Architecture Interior and Exterior settings sand castle fire escape freeway empire state chrysler building rollercoaster playground - Oil Refineries and Power generation, associated equipment involved in the energy concerns of the entire world. Detailed 3D Architecture to demonstrate any scene, in any circumstances. This collection includes models which are intricately detailed and are high in resolution....modeled using a lot of reference material from real world refineries,chemical plants etc... following are the details

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bonaventure 3D bonaventure 3D
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Arizona Memorial 3D Arizona Memorial 3D
Size : 1.248 Kb
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Size : 0.94 Kb
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