Pan Am 3D Model

Pan-Am 747 SP - Pan American Airways - Was a True Pioneer in the Airline Industy, setting the standard for all the international carriers to follow.  Starting with the largest of the "Flying Boats" before the advent of the Concrete Runway capable of supporting large Aircraft, then always staying on the cutting edge of new passenger comfort, reliability of service, and Long Distance performance, Pan Am was instrumental in the conception and delivery of the Boeing 747.  The Boeing 747 and Boeing 747 SP in Pan Am Colors, ruled the international skies for decades, the Unfortunate Demise of Clipper Victor 747 in the Canary Islands incident, where it was Destroyed along with the KLM 747 that collided with it. Pan Am 747 SP ushered in the Cross Pacific Non Stop Flights from Distances as far as Sydney Australia to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Pan Am Opened the World to Many People who ordinarily wouldn't get the chance. Download the Classic Collection of Pan Am Aircraft From the DC 3 Boeing 727 100 Boeing SST Concept Lockheed L1011 Tristar DC 4 DC 6 DC 7 and the Ford Trimotor Pan Am Cross Country pioneer. Pan Am 707 320 and the Historic Lockheed Constellation. Download the Pan American Airline Fleet...

Pan Am 747 400 

Originally designed to carry 350 passengers and crew the 747 in newer models and variants can carry up to 500.It is usedby major airlines and freight carriers around the world.It has a good range, speed and cruise altitude.It has a good safety record.

This model was built near to scale.It is fully textured and all textures and materials are included as shown.This model was built with animateable control surfaces, landing gear and landing gear doors.

Download This Superb Pan Am 747 400 Model 3DS

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