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CRASH3D Brings you news and links to Awesome 3D Models, 3D Movie DVD's and Blu-Ray's, 3D Anaglyph Posters and Optical Illusions, as well as many other 3D interests that may come up from time to time. 3D Entertainment is Becoming Very popular now, and those of us who have been dedicated to 3D Fun from the beginning, are more than happy to share the enthusiasm with new arrivals. CRASH3D Provides FREE 3D Model Downloads in the Most Usable Format ( 3DS ) and Max 3 Format, with many links to other formats from our guests, and associates, If You Find Something Useful to you or your friends, Tweet about it with a link to the site, So We can keep up the Growing Collection Of Free and Awesome Commercial 3D Models for you to download...

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Free Model

Posted by Free Model on Saturday, February 19, 2011, In : Free Model 
Free Model... Everybody wants the Free Model - You can hardly Blame them, if you search hard enough, you'll probably find the Exact model you want for free anyway, and if you are looking for a Great commercial Model, you'd probably want to download a FREE sample to test the results before committing to a purchase. Free 3D Models are abundant on the internet, and many of the Thousands of FREE 3D Models that you can download, are of an extremely high quality already. Model Makers do create High...
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3D Architecture City Buildings Models Free Download 3DS and Max

Posted by 3D Architecture City Buildings Models Free Download 3DS and Max on Wednesday, January 19, 2011, In : 3D Architecture City Buildings Models Free Download 3DS and Max 
3D Architecture City Buildings Models Free Download 3DS and Max... Download Ultra detailed High Definition High resolution 3D Models of City buildings, Gas Stations, Stadiums, and all city elements that create a realistic 3D Model City Architecture scene. These Textured and Highly Polygon Detailed 3DS and Max models are perfect for filling in a complete city scen with all the working elements that make a City the Busy and Cluttered scene for reality. 3DS Architecture Models can be used in any...
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Free 3D Models

Posted by Free 3D Models on Sunday, January 9, 2011, In : Free 3D Models 
Free 3D Models from a selection of the Most Realistic 3d Models ever created. Download Free 3D Models in most formats, and of every topic. Free 3D Models include Architecture like the White House, Statue of liberty, and the Sydney Opera house and Harbour Bridge, Aircraft like the Qantas Boeing 737 800, A380 Airbus, F35 lightning, Antonov 225, Passenger Jumbo Jets and Military Fighter planes. Sort Through the Aircraft Bikes and cars to Choose you FREE 3D Models to Download. Characters like Jes...
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3D Models Free

Posted by 3D Models Free on Sunday, January 9, 2011, In : 3D Models Free 
3D Models Free from a selection of the most Realistic 3d Models ever created. Download 3D Models free in most formats, and of every topic. 3D Models free include Architecture Aircraft Characters Cars Trees Ships Weird and wonderful Sci Fi and miscelaneous Creations. Look for what you want and Download 3D Models free...
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3D Model ROBOT FREE Download

Posted by 3D Model ROBOT FREE Download on Friday, October 29, 2010, In : FREE 3D Model Download 
3D Model ROBOT FREE Download... Cartoon like Character of a Robot with a early fifties cartoon like character in 3ds format for compatibility with almost all 3d rendering software. >>Download Robot HERE<< Visit Crash3d for all kinds of weird and wonderful 3D Creations, loads of FREE Downloads, and Awesome commercial ( Perfect Realistic ) 3D Models to browse through...
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FREE Lost In Space 3D Models

Posted by FREE Lost In Space 3D Models on Tuesday, October 19, 2010, In : FREE Lost In Space 3D Models 
FREE Lost In Space 3D Models... Download the 3DS Chariot from Lost in Space and to accompany it, the POD 3DS Model. FREEBIE Downloads of Great unique and sometimes " Retro " Sci Fi 3D Studio models. Visit http://www.crash3d.net  To Download your FREE Models today, Favorite the Page and Come back regularly for the New FREE 3D Models each month, rotating models from the ProLithic 3D Collection. Download the Entire 230 set from ProLithic at http://www.prolithic3d.com  Set costs $235.00 on DVD Ro...
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FREE 3D Model Downloads

Posted by FREE 3D Model Downloads on Saturday, October 16, 2010, In : FREE 3D Model Download 
FREE 3D Model Downloads at CRASH3D... Some Awesome detailed 3D Models that you just wouldn't expect to download for free. Visit www.crash3d.net  To See for yourself that the FREE Models here are worth the visit...
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New FREE 3D Models at Crash 3D

Posted by New FREE 3D Models at Crash 3D on Saturday, October 16, 2010, In : New FREE 3D Models at Crash 3D 
NEW FREE 3D Models at Crash 3D... Download heaps of FREE 3D Models including the New Bonaventure 3ds & Max3 - The Super GyroCopter - Anaheim Convention Centre Arena - and The Arizona Memorial PEARL HARBOUR Visit www.crash3d.net for loads of Great FREE 3D Models from all of our friends, you'll find just the thing you were looking for at Crash3D...
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