SST 3D Model Aircraft include the Historic Anglo-French Concorde with High Detail 3D Models available of the Aircraft Exterior, and an Ultra High Detail 3D Model of the Concorde interior with cockpit, the Concept Boeing SST Supersonic Transport that was designed to transport First Class and Coach passengers at Mach 2 and beyond, but never made it to production because of the prohibiting costs of flight and maintenance, and finaly the Russian Concordski, The Tupolev TU144, a close relation to the British Concorde, with the exception that it used retractable canard wings during take off and landing to improve stability and reduce speed at this crucial part of each flight. At This stage of aviation history, the only flying version of any of these great craft, is the TU144 Tupolev, which has found a role as the Supersonic test bed for further development of Supersonic passenger flight, and other applications after being resurrected from a rotting wasteland of decaying parts, the longevity of the resurrected Tupolev TU144 is uncertain, and may have already come and gone. Download your Awesome High Detail 3D Models of the - Concorde - Concorde Interior - Boeing SST - Tupolev TU144 - to complete your 3D Model Historic Aviation Collection.