SAAB 340 3D Model... The SAAB 340 Twin Engine Turbo-Prop is a Small Sized Regional Commuter aircraft in service with many Airline Companies around the Globe, perfect for Inter-City Connections, carrying a passenger load of around 34 people, the SAAB 340 ( Download the 3D Model ) Originally Built by the Fairchild Aircraft Company utilised a Twin 1800 Hp Turboprop configuration on a Low Wing, and allowed room for Cabin Attendants, which was considered an option for an Aircraft of this capacity. The SAAB 340 3D Model has been re-created with Accuracy in mind, for the End Use of the 3D Model SAAB 340 Aircraft to be aimed at realistic movie CGI Additions and High Detail Close up Still Shot renders. Click on the Link to the Model to see the Thumbnails of the Excellent Detail and realism of this Superb 3D Model Commuter Airliner.