AMC Gremlin 3D Model 1970 Series Classic Compact American Cars... The AMC Gremlin may not have appealed to everyone, it's a small, sometimes ugly little car that was built for practicality, not to win a beauty contest, but owners of the Gremlin may disagree. The Gremlin's unusual design and compact size made it a stand out vehicle among the regular gas guzzlers, but it certainly found its place among the fuel concious, budget minded consumers, and sales of the AMC Gremlin will reflect that fact. Download your realistic collection of evryday cars, starting with the AMC Gremlin 3D Model and move on to the rest of the unique selection of Typical Family Cars when you click the link to the Gremlin. For a wide range of other Cars, from the pioneers of Automobiles to 2011 current series cars, visit CRASH3D's Cars Page and find other great cars along the lines of this distinct commuter.