DeEspona 3D Models. Download Individual Models from the DeEspona 3D Model Collection or get the Complete Infographica set of Awesome detailed 3D Models in Max Format that cover everything you'd ever need in a 3D model to create any scene. The 9 and 10 CD / 1 DVD Rom Collection covers High Detail accurate recreations of Aircraft, Architecture, Animals, Cars, Bikes, Humans, Machinery, and Military Vehicles, as well as miscellaneous objects and Plants. Order the 500 3D Models hardcover Book that comes with 2 CD's of the DeEspona 3D Models in 3DS Format for Free Use in any 3D rendering Animation Software, The 500 3D Model Hardcover Book Is a Great way to get started into the world of the High Detail 3D Models with a hands on experience of having some of the Best Models available to use in your own projects, and the Book Covers Colorful Detailed explainations of how the Models came together, what they were used fro, and much more about the construction of the Finest 3D Model catalogue ever put together. Another Book that accompanies this one with a further selection of Free 3D Models on the CD's in the Book, is 500 3D Models by Julius Wiedmann - Discover Perfectly textured 3D Models that can replace the real object by using the highest level of reality in a Rendered Model, with minimal Polygon detail to chew up memory on a PC's motherboard. This allows a Virtually Real 3D Model to take the place of a Genuine Object in Movie Production, a great leap forward for CGI Movie Flexibility.