Australian Icon 3D Models

 Australian Icons -  3D Models of Instantly Recognisable Symbols of Australia and the Australian Way of Life... Download a 3D Model Holden VN Commodore Family Sedan, Though they're more enticing to the Aussie Youth than the Family in its entirity. Download ANSETT Airlines Boeing and Airbus Passenger Airliner Models such as the Boeing 727 100 and the Boeing 727 200, the 737 200 and the 767 200 the Fokker F27 F50 and Fokker F28 in Ansett Colors, The Airbus Industries A320 and the British Aerospace BA 146. Early Historic Ansett aircraft such as the McDonnel Douglas DC3 DC4 DC6 and DC9, Convair Electra and even the pioneers of the Ansett fleet. Qantas 3D Models of note that are available her, are the Qantas 747 400 Qantas 767 300 ER the most recent addition and now Queen of the Skies and Pride of the Fleet for Qantas, The Airbus A380 - One of the Most highly Detailed 3D models for the Qantas collection is the Boeing 737 800, an absolutely awesome, realistic model of the Aircraft that would suit any Top Shelf production that needed a Perfectly realistic finish to the rendering or Movie Sequence animation. The commuter aircraft like the Dash 8 and 717 are also catered to, and to complete an Australian Flight scene, ULURU (Ayers Rock) the central Australian Outback icon is a FREE Download Below, Along with Aussie Roadsigns.

Ansett Airline Boeing 727 100 in Early paint scheme livery

The Boeing 727 100 series ushered in the High Speed Jet Age for Ansett and many other airlines around the globe. The 727 was and in some countries still is, the fastest Non Super Sonic Airline Passenger Aircraft Cruising at 610 Mph

Douglas DC-3 in Early Ansett Colours And even earlier craft in ANA Colors take a closer look at these Models. 

Ansett Douglas DC 3 Airliner
Ansett Australia Boeing 767 200 Late Livery

Ansett Australia Boeing 767 200

Seen in the Later Paint Scheme before the Great Loss of The Standard Setting Ansett Airlines... The ANSETT Boeing 767 was the Long Haul Work Horse for The Cairns eastern seaboard Adelaide - Alice - Darwin run and Perth - Sydney as well as a few extra runs thrown in from time to time.


 The Aussie Soldier Ready for Action ( Model Details ) and the Holden VN Commodore ( Details ) The Australian Soldier has been called to action in a combined effort with The United States and Great Britain in many of the "Hot Spot" Breakouts of violence. Seen here in the current Cammo outfit, this animated rigged Soldier can be made to Demonstrate any Scene  or Re-Creation. The HOLDEN VN Commodore - The Aspiration of many teenage Australian Males, It's in the eyes of the beholder, everyone has their dream car I guess...

FREE 3D Downloads of Australian Scenes. ULURU - Aussie Roadsigns - Sydney harbour Bridge - Sydney Opera House 

Australian outback speed stop give way roadsigns wildlife hazzard
Australian Road Signs Australian Road Signs
Size : 665.446 Kb
Type : zip
Uluru ( Ayers Rock ) 3DS and Max3 3D Model FREE Download
Uluru 3DS & Max3 Ayers Uluru 3DS & Max3 Ayers
Size : 11057.372 Kb
Type : zip
Sydney harbour Bridge FREE 3DS Model
Sydney Harbour Bridge 3DS Sydney Harbour Bridge 3DS
Size : 222.653 Kb
Type : zip

Sydney Opera House - coming soon

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