A6 Intruder 3D Model

Aircraft Carrier Based Military Might -  These carrier based aircraft such as The A6 Intruder - The SH 60 SeaHawk - EA6 Prowler - and the Northrop Grumman E2 and E2C Hawkeye. Hunters, trackers, killers, and rescue craft that have delivered faithful service to the United States Armed Forces in a myriad of roles over the years. The Grumman A6 Intruder has been in service since 1960 in Conflicts from VietNam through to Iraq and performed superbly in its role as a Carrier Based Airborne weapons platform. The Sikorsky SH 60 SeaHawk is a Navy derivitive of the Blackhawk helicopter and has several incarnations as search and rescue, Troop deployment, among other roles. The E-2C Hawkeye is the U.S. Navy's all-weather, carrier-based tactical airborne warning and control system platform. It provides all-weather airborne early warning and command and control functions for the carrier battle group. Additional missions include surface surveillance coordination, strike and interceptor control, search and rescue guidance and communications relay. An integral component of the carrier air wing, the E-2C carries three primary sensors: radar, IFF, and a passive detection system. We have two Versions of the Hawkey her, the E2 and E2C - Each has its own distinct properties and Paint schemes, both are significant for their striking differences as 3D models with eye catching detail for different end uses. The Northrop EA6 Prowler -  A purpose built Carrier aircaft with high visibilty for the Crew who were mainly tasked with electronic warfare and countermeasures. Providing RADAR jamming and Radar seeking missile deployment...

>>Download the A6 Intruder Model Here<<  Click on the Image of the A6 Intruder to open Up the Description and Options page. Where you can choose the Format to download and see the accessories and other aircraft that would make a complete Active Scene of the A6 Intruder as She was in the Glory days of service... >>EA6 Prowler<<

Download the Hawkeye E2C or the E2 Hawkeye 

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